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Twilight, Travel, and Treats

Reflections of a Twihard on all things twilight, travel, and treats.

I uttered these words to my best friend MK in October 2009. The rest if history.

I had never considered going to Forks before. That was for the crazies. The screamers. I was not one of them, or so I'd thought.
Like most of my twilight endeavours, my inspiration for our trip to Forks started at the supermarket. While subtly passing by the teen magazine section looking for things like this

I found this

Twilight Tours: An Illustrated Guide to the Real Forks

I have this expensive habit recently of buying anything that has the word Twilight on it so why not?

Well, it was actually a good guide book. Well written, lots of full page photos, and tidbits about where to stay, etc. The only bad thing was it spawned a super pricey trip across the border.

Our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend was coming up and I knew my husband was desperate to get away from our kids. Was he actually desperate enough to take me to Forks just as an excuse to leave the children behind? Apparently.

I was floored. Well, I wondered if he would still agree once I showed him where I wanted to stay ;)

Pacific Inn Motel in Forks

As romantic as this sounded to me it just seemed plain wrong to not ask my secret twilight buddy and bff MK to come along for the ride too. But she had a brand new baby to stay home with. Who would have thought she'd say yes?? I'd forgotten how crazy for twilight that woman is.

You know RPattz says that some woman actually handed over her baby to him and asked him to bite it? Well, that is the brand of nuts that MK is (sadly, she wasn't actually that lady and her baby J has never been lucky enough to be bitten by RPattz).

Of course MK said yes and I think she almost dropped the phone she was so excited. Oddly, given my husband's eagerness to accompany us, MK's hubby said "hell no" and tried to quash our plans. He gave us the "this twilight thing has gone to far" speech. So she just took up with the baby and left ;) We brought her sister SK in tow to help keep us in check so we didn't leave the baby in Forks while going off while dreamily taking photos.