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Reflections of a Twihard on all things twilight, travel, and treats.

Shouldn't it read Population 3175.5?

We arrived at the Pacific Inn Motel at night and yes, it is really just a motel. Front desk staff was friendly and there were a few twilight things inside the small lobby area. Check in was easy and the rooms were nice enough. The crazy overwhelming twilight decor made me forget the HoJo feel of the place.

Left poor Mr. TC to watch some random sports event on TV in our room while I went to MK's room to giggle hysterically and take photos. I loved that even the light switches were Edward. It was almost disappointing that the toilet paper didn't have some twi-message on it.

I can't believe my husband agreed to stay here

I wonder if Summit has anything to say about this?

Nice details

Finally a chance to sleep under Edward

Hope they add a New Moon room too

Honestly felt like a weird Disneylike hotel but for twihards. I can't recall any other place that I've stayed in that was this themed. Totally worth the $99 a night.

MK slept with this pillow all night

Sweet dreams under creepy Edward

Nice fake ruffled New Moon tulip

You know the first thing we all think when we see this stuff - can I take this home? Where can I get this? There is a large warning that theft of ANYTHING from the room will result in a hefty fine. Might it be worth it anyways?

Do you feel clean using dark towels?

They had some towels almost like these for sale at the Dazzled by Twilight store. So tempting but Mr. TC actually put his foot down. Apparently he doesn't feel clean using black towels. But would I actually feel dirtier using the twilight ones? Is that a bad thing ;) ?

We headed out early and went to the Forks Chamber of Commerce. It was closed on that Sunday am so we decided to peek through the windows before taking lots of photos of Bella's truck.

Willing them to open early

Can you tell if this is the right make and model?

Mr. TC was surprised by how many other groups of twihards were doing the same thing at 10am on a Sunday. Surely there must be something better to do than hang out in front of a closed government office?

Other twihards - it seems the guys were more excited than the girl

We checked out the Forks Diner for breakfast. The elkhead really freaked me out.

Not Carver's cafe

I couldn't eat with this thing staring at me

I really wanted to order the Bella Cobbler but even I can't justify pie before noon. The pancakes really were enormous. Food was tasty and it felt kitschy sitting on the taped up vinyl benches.

Heading back to the Chamber of Commerce we spotted a car out front with awesome bumper stickers. Turns out the woman was the friendly Commerce greeter who also worked at the Dazzled by Twilight store.

Inside the Chamber of Commerce there were lots of news clippings and maps. They gave out a great step by step Forks Twilight tour map. They also had the most kickass Twilight quiz I've yet to come across. I was super tempted to take the Dr. Cullen labcoat hanging on the wall. The poster they had in the fan corner was one I hadn't seen before.

Because I'm such a doctor geek I LOVE Carlisle's labcoat

Do you know where this is from?

Is it from the UK? Anyone?

Twilight Tour

We followed the Chamber of Commerce map with directions of how to it every twilight landmark in town. They really had us twihards totally figured out. Ironically we ended up behind the official Dazzled by Twilight tour minibus. It did indeed look comfy and air conditioned as advertised. At least we knew we were driving to the right places.

We ended up almost following the tour bus

The Swan Residence

I wonder if they get sick of this?

See Bella's room?

See where Bella's window is supposed to be?

Forks Hospital

Dr Cullen's parking spot is actually pretty hard to find. We were lost next to the old folks home and a friendly lady came out shaking her head and laughing, knowing exactly what we were looking for.

Yeah, we saw it for real :) Surprisingly hard to find

City Hall

We then made it over to City Hall which also happens to be the police station. They've got a nice display case set up inside the lobby of some twi stuff and you can even go in on the weekends to have a peek. Way too much glare from the glass case for a good photo though. Charlie's police cruisers are out back.

Forks High

The sign from the movie is almost an exact replica of the Spartans sign in real life (Catherine Hardwicke speaks the truth). We were mortified when some little boys in the school starting looking out the windows at us and pointing. You can imagine us 30 something moms posing in front of their school while they pointed and laughed. We were out of their fast.

You can almost see the kids in the window
laughing and pointing at us

The Cullen House

In the window at the Cullen house
Gotta love it!
Do you prefer this one or the glass one from the movie?
Nice touch

The Cullen House was pretty. Not quite as magical in the day as in some of the evening shots when there are Gtwinkle lights hung up. We were giddy to see Esme's sign and also a full size Edward stand up greeting us in the window. They offer postcards and photos for sale by the honour system on the front porch.

As we were leaving a set of twi-grannies in their 60's showed up. They were giggling and snapping photos too. It was awesome.

La Push

La Push was about 25 minutes drive away and we also stopped at Rialto beach. We had to stop at the "treaty line" for a photo op. The shop behind this sign is supposed to sell some souvenirs but we didn't have a chance to stop. MK was really bothered by the Pepsi logo marring the sign and deliberately left it out of her photos.

La Push coming

Quileute res

Rialto beach was beautiful but freezing. We saw some of the same twihards we had been running into all day. One group had seven men and only three women. We couldn't figure our how many of the guys must have been gay. How many straight men are actually gah gah enough over twilight enough to come to Forks?

First Beach - La Push

Too bad they weren't open at noon on a Sunday

Rialto Beach

Next post...my favourite subject - Shopping in Forks


17foreverlisa said...

Great job with the blog!! Very organized and full of useful information. Thanks!

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks! Can't wait to go back to Forks. New to this blogging world but hope to add more Forks and also Volterra trip info soon.

blythelight said...

Next time in town, check out Leppell's Flowers & Gifts across from the High School on Spartan Avenue. It used to just be a flower shop until Forks was turned upside down by Twilight - now it is jam-packed with all kinds of Twilight-inspired stuff. You can spend a long time looking around and not see everything. Charlene, the owner, tries to carry unusual things that you can't find anywhere else, including local arts & crafts (she carries some of my photography, jewelry, and anti-vampire dust, among other things!). Another fun place to go is on Main Street: Salmonberries - it's a store full of handmade things from local & regional artisans. You can find some Quilleute art there, too, which is very cool. Rialto Beach is definitely one of my very favorites. And if you haven't been up the Hoh to the Visitor's Center and the short walk along the Hall of Mosses Trail, it is well worth the trip. An amazing place! (p.s. you can see some of my Twilight-inspired stuff at http://blythespiritenterprises.com and I talk about fun stuff to do on the Peninsula at http://whaletails.wordpress.com). Glad to hear you had a good time over here!

tararodas said...

OMG. I can't handle the Twi-hotel you stayed at. JEALOUS!!

Jelena@Twiholic said...

Oh, wow. I've never been to themed place, so I would probably die of happiness in Forks. So much cool stuff, I wouldn't even know where to begin commenting.

Now, about that Twilight poster, it looks like the one that was made by fans or something, because that's the photo of Rob of playing Cedric, right? And, Kristen is so young in that photo.

I dislike the Pepsi sign on the treaty line, too. Yuck!

The High School building looks really nice and inspirational. As for the Cullens', I prefer the one in the movie. However, I love the notes from Esme. So cute.

Gawd, I think I would spend all my money on souvenirs and clothes (Twilight related clothes).

twilightcupcake said...

It totally could be a fanmade poster even in the Forks Chamber of Commerce. I spent quite a bit at the Dazzled store already but bet I'll spend loads more with the twitarded crew. I'll be posting Forks shopping tomorrow too. Btw Jelena absolutely love your blog!

Jelena@Twiholic said...

Thank you. I absolutely loved your comments, and I replied.

How do I get my profile photo to show on your site, do you know?

twilightcupcake said...

Thanks for bringing that up. I changed the avatar levels on my blog settings so we'll see if that helps. I just start blogging about a week ago so I'm still learning the ropes ;)

mk said...

I read on twifans that the "swan house" sign has been stollen from in front of the house in forks "gulp". They are offering rewards for info on its whereabouts. I swear it wasnt me - though, I probably would have stollen it if the thought had occured to me! hahaha

twilightcupcake said...

Oh so sad. We should have touched it more or something. Hi MK - nice to see you on my blog :) How goes the flu?

Twired Jen said...

Ok, I am blonde...but Bella's house...Do they just call that Bella's house because it kind of looks like it? Seeing as Twilight wasn't filmed in Forks...? Confused. Help.