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Twilight, Travel, and Treats

Reflections of a Twihard on all things twilight, travel, and treats.

We picked a good weekend for Port Angeles. One of the best ways to make my husband happy is with food, and the best kind of course is seafood. The annual Dungeness Crab festival happened to be going on and we followed the flow of people. Since we were saving our stomachs for some ravioli a la Bella we didn't partake of the crab but watched the masses gorge themselves.

Seems like the whole town is in this tent with us

Mr. TC bought a crab hat but this is the closest photo he'd let me post

The one thing we couldn't resist though was the pie. You could smell the awesome goodness from a block away and the line was outrageous. The bumbleberry was heaven and the pumpkin was the best I've ever had. The crust was flaky but also just thick enough for a good bite.

Never dreamt we'd find good pie at the crab festival

On the way to Bella Italia we hit a few twilight stops. They are all on one block and took all of 5 minutes to see but so worth it. Sadly Gottschalks, the only department store in Port Angeles, had closed down and was just too tired looking to even take a photo of the store front.

The only book store in Port Angeles

Not exactly the Thunderbird and Whale
from the book

Didn't have a chance to check inside
for Mike's puke stains

I love shopping. One of the main ways to fuel my passions is to shop the hell out of it so I couldn't wait to hit the Dazzled by Twilight store. When we came to the Port Angeles location my heart was pounding already. We stood giggling and gawking outside the window for a while before my husband cleared his throat and we moved on.

They're creepy in full size

Finally to the Bella Italia restaurant. We had made reservations ahead of time and for good reason. This place fills up. There only seemed to be two other tables of twilight folk and the other ten tables or so were actually regular people out for a nice dinner. We got a few nice laughs from people in the windows at the restaurant with all our picture taking before we went inside.

We got a booth tucked away in the back. Of course, I always like to think it would be the one that Edward and Bella sat at. We decided to order one mushroom ravioli and split it. My husband had something manly like steak instead. He was also trying to ignore the constant photo snapping.

The Chiller font isn't so romantic

S. Meyer visited in June 2008

The moment we've been waiting for
- mushroom ravioli and a coke
The food was good. Heavy sauce but to be expected for small town italian. We would go back if only to relive the Bella vibe.

Bella Italia guestbook - are you in there yet?

With bellies full we rolled out of the restaurant and headed back to the car. Then it dawned on us. We were sort of lost in the dark Port Angeles night - feeling a bit too eerily like Bella. I wonder if every twihard who wanders through Port Angeles at night has that same moment of feeling scared but thrilled at the same time?

We passed by a dress shop on the way that had replicas of Bella's outfits in the window. Such an unexpected treat! We couldn't get a decent photo but we didn't stop trying for at least 10 minutes. I wonder if this is close to the one they sell at Hot Topic?

Hadn't heard of this place before

So pretty, too bad about the fluorescents

Halloween anyone?

Next up...Forks, Where to Stay


Donna said...

Loving your blog! Thanks for sharing.

Twired Jen said...

Your husband seems like a trooper. What fun! Now I really want to go.

Eva said...

The food looks surprisingly good, we've got a couple of Bella Italia London restaurants but they're nothing like this small town italian. I'm very jealous...