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Love Twilight? Love Scrapbooking? 
Planning a trip to Forks
or have you already been?
Read on!

So thanks to my friend Lulu I was able to find the Break Up Log for Mrs. P back in the day when I did the Twibite challenge.

The New Moon log in the dark dank forest near my house 
Lulu and her good friend janie are the first gals I know who made the pilgrimage to Forks.

Their travels to Forks inspired them to create 
a little company called 
janie + Lulu Designs

What do they design?

Twilight Inspired Cards for Scrapbooking

janie + Lulu Designs create postcards, greeting cards and images for your Twilight scrapbook.

Scenic photos of Forks, WA and La Push Beach
Vampire and Werewolf images (really!)
Twilight themed scrapbook kits
Twilight themed party invites & favors

These cards are perfect for those planning a trip to Forks or who have already been.
Check out their website to order Twilight inspired scrapbook products online right now.

Here's a glimpse at some of the cool pics they've spent so much time getting (I seriously wonder if Lulu or janie got into traffic trouble getting the first photo):

seriously, how awesome is this
shot of a silver Volvo
and Bella's red truck in Forks
love the title on this one
authentic First Beach
My full sized Edward (FSE) and mini B/E have been on holiday over at Lulu's house. I think they've enjoyed having a break from the vault. Guess what they were doing? Modelling for their first photo shoot and they are truly in the forest around Forks. See?

my mini-Edward
my mini E and B in the treetop
just like in Twilight - love that scene!
that's my FSE! My baby's all grown up!

Here are some packages they've put together for us to order.

got an Eclipse party coming up?

Perfect for your Forks trip pages
Bella's truck in front of the Port Angeles Theatre
Real filming spots for Jacob's House, the Cullen House, and Breakup Log
Guess what Christmas cards I gave out last year?
These are my absolute favourite holiday cards!
Once again check our janie+lulu now!

Have any questions for these girls? Contact them here.

Wanna hear their story? Here's the background on these chickees and how they came to make such great stuff
janie+Lulu was born unofficially in July 2009, the result of an unforgettable trip (1 Twilight-decorated minivan, 2 mums, 4 kids, and an endless supply of vampire fangs!) to Forks, WA from Vancouver, BC.

 We LOVED the energy in Forks and the surrounding area and were so impressed by how the local people played along to make their town into the literary setting (a vampire Disneyland, if you will) without making it feel commercialized.  During our stay we always had the feeling that the mythical characters from the Twilight series could really be standing next to us at the grocery store or keeping a careful watch over us from the never ending forest.  We were in the same land of make believe as our 5 and 8 year old kids and it felt terrific!  It's hard to make a souvenir that represents that kind of feeling, the feeling of possibility, but that is exactly what we felt compelled to do.

 Upon returning home, we drew upon our combined backgrounds in graphic design and print to transform our holiday photos into whimsical stories that convey the magical energy of the Olympic Peninsula.  Our images are not about the celebrities, the actual plot line of the Stephenie Meyer novels or vampire themes of blood and fangs.  When shown our images, people actually ask us "How did you find a wolf print?" and "How did you get the photo of the vampires running?".  Apparently our intent to stimulate the imagination and take people to a world where mythical characters exist among us is working... 

Living on the edge of our own breathtaking forest in North Vancouver BC, we were surrounded by the film crews for New Moon and Eclipse this year and we were able to build on our Forks-inspired ideas with local photographs.  An important aspect of our Route 101 Adventures is that we do not visit active film locations, we do not seek out the cast or crew, and we do not trespass on any private property.  Our thrill is in being able to identify locations from other media sources and to then make a "possibility shot" involving that idea.  


Twired Jen said...

That is sooo cool! Are you the one that took the pic of the break-up log?!

twilightcupcake said...

Yep that's me. Did you ever read my Twibite challenge. God I was such a bloggy baby then. Can't believe it's only been 5 months.

rpfangirldc said...

Awesome post! I am definitely bookmarking this. I wonder if I can talk people into making the pilgrimage to Forks with me...

StarlitViolets said...

I LOVE Twilight, scrapbooking, and travelling!!! This is SO cool!