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Before I go into the mobile fic thing check out the wonderful gifts I got this week

First from my wonderful friend DQ

love that they sparkle like EC. And she got me 2 boxes so I can actually open one
She really knows my hoarding collector ways

Bandages for the doctor - what a good idea!

From my awesome cousin VL who got me the Japanese editions of Twilight - Twilight in Russian! So cool.
what a great 10th anniversary present - for me!
By the way I changed my avatar to my Bella and Edward figurines - I was a bit tired of looking at my own face. Click here for my post about them.

Okay on to the regular post...

So I've usually been saving mobile related things for my other blog Twi-Mobile but this news is just too big.

Those of you who read fanfic and have been following my blog know that I've made it my mission in life to do everything from my iPhone. I've even gone to great lengths to try and get fanfiction.net stories onto my iPhone and iPod touch and written tutorials for you guys as well.

Sunday was the release of the final chapter of Master of the Universe by Snowdragon Icequeens. It's Chapter 87 and this fic has finally finished after 8 months of wonderful reading bliss.

I was so happy when my email alert from fanfiction.net came with this at the end

See the Mobile? Too exciting. It's about frickin time.

If you click on the mobile version this is how the story looks from my iPhone.

To jump chapters you can scroll to the bottom or press Menu at the top.

This even lets you Review, Add Story or Author as Favourite, and Follow Story or Author.

What happens if you go to a regular desktop fanfiction.net URL? Nothing, as in there is no automatic detection and redirection for mobile devices.

But it's easy to get to the mobile version of any fanfiction.net story.

Just replace the www with an m


Side tutorial - How do you do select and replace text on an iPhone?

First hold your finger down on the www part of the URL until you get the magnifying glass.

Then tap on Select, not Select All.

You should get a Cut/Copy/Paste box showing a highlighted www part. Don't click on any of those options.

Now just type m to replace the www and you'll get the correct URL. Then press Go at the bottom right and you're there.

So if you don't mind reading fanfiction.net online this is the quickest way. If you have to read it offline then still follow the tutorial here.

I'm off to Italy in 3 days. I'll try and post a bit in those two weeks.

By the way here are some iPhone wallpapers I made for myself this week.

You can find them and my other iPhone wallpapers at the iPhone Wallpaper Archive.

Lastly, notice my new buttons on the right sidebar for Twitter, RSS, email? Well there's a new button you may not recognize

It's for tumblr - my new microblog - I'll explain it next time. For now just go ahead and click on it to check it out. Don't forget to click the Archive button when you're there - the Archive gallery is so pretty!


Dangrdafne said...

Multi-task much??? LOL
You amaze me with all that you do.
I hope you have a great time in Italy. Can't wait for your pictures!!

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Great news!!!!
And btw I'm using one of your iPad wallpapers!
The black one with silver "twilight" love it!!!

twilightcupcake said...

@DD lol yes I get bored easily just doing one thing. Will keep you posted on italy.

@Mrs V - thank you. I'm happy you like the iPad wallpapers. A bit of a pain to design around all the icons huh? If you make any nice ones pls feel free to send them this way for me to add to the iPad wallpaper archive. How are you liking it?

17foreverlisa said...

I love you, TC. That is all. Off to try out the mobile version. Gah!

C r y s t a l said...

I dont have an iphone but I have a blackberry and I was trying to read fanfic at the beach the other day and it would NOT let me skip ahead to chapters. I actually had to google "Guardian Chapter 14 fanfic.net" to get the actual chapter. It was a royal pain in the ass BUT better than being at the beach with no fanfic ;) Totally following you know and linking from you from my blog for all my other followers!