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Okay, you remember my last post about Hockeyward from The Misapprehension of Bella Swan? Even if you don't remember the words you can't forget this:

Well, Hockeyward happens to have his own Twitter account (I know, for all of you non-Twitter people how crazy is it that fictional characters have their own accounts). And of course I not only follow him but sent him the message that I posted about him last week.

Even after the Canucks lost and were down 3-1 in the series against the Blackhawks I still refused to Unfollow him. In fact, I tweeted to him that I was secretly cheering for him - damn him and his monster cock! Once again, you have to go and read this story. I am not kidding about the monster cock part.

Well, he finally tweeted me back. He told me in no uncertain terms that I was cheering for the right team and that it shouldn't be a secret. He even had a message for Mr. TC.

I know this should seem as silly as when kids get excited that Santa wrote back to them from the North Pole at Christmas. But I just about squealed thinking that Hockeyward (and I truly picture some very buff looking guy that looks like Rob Pattinson) is typing to me on his laptop and smirking while he does it. I have to say it - Swoon!

All right, enough silliness. Thank you all for listening to the rant yesterday and also for agreeing with me that my kids can be crazy adorable sometimes. Not all the time, like when you wake up at 6:45am and hear "Mommy, Geoffrey is peeing on me!" it really isn't very cute.

So, Jelena pointed out that I have been seemingly distant these days and it's true. I have not been around this blog as much. But I am spending a whole lot of time over at my Twi-Mobile blog. I actually went and refreshed all my HTML and CSS last week just for the hell of it. I'm still not even close to knowing what I'm doing but it's been fun. In addition I've been pulling out the Photoshop to work on new wallpapers for the iPad and iPhone.

So these are some that I posted over at Twi-Mobile tonight.

Here's one for Mrs. P from Twibite

And another one for Alison from Twifans

So go over there and check out my pretty things even though you don't have an iPad (yet) - see Twi-Mobile.
By the way, I was super excited last week that Twifans joined Twi-Mobile. Do you know they have 30,000 followers? Craziness.

The Twilight Convention is this weekend coming up and I am very excited to be going. Can't wait to meet PFach and CHardwicke. Still haven't decided what to have them sign (besides Mrs. P's avi of course).

So, now that you've all witness my giddiness over getting a tweet back from a fictitious character -
Have you ever heard back from a celebrity fan letter before?


Lyndsea Michelle said...

I have to agree with you on him replying. It is very exciting. I imagine him as a buff Robert Pattinson looking Hockey player. You aren't the only one!

Twired Jen said...
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Twired Jen said...

Alex Meraz DM'd me back once. I had told him about my Mom's idea of a shirt using his name...can't tell you what it is, or i'd have to kill you. I think he was surprised that someone wanted to make a Team Alex type shirt...He responded and told me how creative he thought it was and to say hi to my Mom. It was right around New Moon promotions time...

xo J

Anonymous said...

I love talking to Hockeyward. I'm first in line on the hypothetical "who gets to ride the monster cock next if things down work out" list.

Dangrdafne said...

I have never had a "real" celebrity write me back but as I told the story in FFF once, the college basketball player I liked wrote to me a few times and I was over the moon happy about it.

Tony Bennett acknowledged me when DangrMomma and I saw him at Bally's in Atlantic City and I thanked him for being there.

I think it is cool that Hockeyward wrote to you. As I have said recently, even when JJ and STY comment on my blog, I get all giddy like a rock star stopped by or something :)

Raitz said...

Through work I get to correspond with well known people all the time, however none are related to Twilight *sigh* but am working on it!!

As for a letter... about 25 yrs ago in England, our Brownie troupe sent a letter to the Queen wishing her a happy birthday. She signed an official letter in response and we all freaked!! Does that count??

Anonymous said...

This is Hockeyward. Thank you for writing about me. By the way, I am intrigued about this Mrs. P that you made a wallpaper for. I hear she's hot. Does she have nice boobs like my Bella?

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Alex Meraz DM'd me too, Twired Jen!

I can't remember what I said, but something about possibly being on the border as a Team Alex fan and then he sent me a DM (of course, so nobody can see it!!) that I'm welcome anytime to join him (his side, I presume)

I just about died!

And then I know this is totally not a big deal, but Chris M. who does the music for Vampire Diaries tweeted me back about my request. I had asked if I could have the Yeah Yeahs on one episode and then he tweeted back that he had just seen Karen O at a concert in Dallas. I was sooooo excited over that one too. I don't know. I kind of appreciate that no matter how many followers they have, that when they have time, they actually listen to what their fans have to say.

One day when I become famous, I will continue to tweet all of you. (hehehe)

twilightcupcake said...

@Lyndsey glad to have someone else just a bit as crazy :)

@Twired Jen - that is awesome about Alex and the shirt. Too cool!

@Anony - I didn't know that he was keeping a hypothetical list of whose next. I don't know if he'll ever leave Bella though.

@Dangrdafne - that is really neat you talked to Tony Bennett. He is such a legend and you not only saw him but even spoke with him. Great

@Raitz - I'm sure you don't get starstruck since you must meet a lot of celebrities. But do you ever wonder how you'd react to meeting the Twilight crew? Whatever connections you have to use. And btw the Queen letter counts. Ah Brownies. Had totally forgotten about those days.

@HG - Alex DM'd you? So lucky! And it is a big deal about Chris M so I'm happy for you too.
I can't wait for you to be a big writer and I can say I was your roommate if you're willing to admit you went to Forks with us.

@Anon/Hockeyward - I am happy to keep writing about you as long as you give me something to write about :) Mrs. P from Twibite - yes, she's a hot mamma! I don't know about her boobs being as nice as Bella's but I'm sure she could give Bella a run for her money showing you a good time ;) Except I think she likes to be in charge - hope you like black leather boots and a whip.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Oh, TC, sorry it took ages for me to arrive to your blog. I've been having a really bad and stressful week, and I'm feeling all over the place.

I went to your Twi Mobile blog yesterday and was like totally, whaat? This exists, lol.

Does Kellan sending me his autograph count as having him write me back?
I once tweeted HunterHunting (author of CW&IA) telling her about how sad I was that her story got pulled from FF, and I asked her something about saving reviews, and she tweeted back - thanked me and answered my Q.

I also tweeted one of the authors of Beautiful Creatures, Margaret Stohl, telling her that I really enjoyed the book and couldn't wait for the next installment, and she tweeted me back with Yaaaay, and telling me when the sequel is coming out.

I've yet to tweet Kellan. I'm waiting for the right moment, trying to catch him online.

TongueTwied said...

Wow I can't believe this! lol HW sounds way better than Santa! LOL

To quote Rob, "the twitter thing is unbelievable." Enjoyed everyone's twitter stories!

@HG-I can't wait until you are famous someday! That is going to be awesome for you!