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Just a quick note for those of you who aren't following Twi-Mobile yet (you know my other blog that is sucking up all my time :) First of all, I know most of you have a smartphone like a Blackberry or iPhone so Twi-Mobile applies to you! Go now and follow me!

Okay, I'll finish being a tyrant.

This is just a quick note to show off the Eclipse wallpapers I made for the iPad today. Note I don't own an iPad yet because they aren't available in Canada. They keep diverting all our shipments to the States! Darn Americans :)

I'm testing out box.net for hosting files so click on the image to download the iPad wallpaper - right click gets you only a thumbnail.

I have also started an archive at Twi-Mobile of iPad wallpapers, iPhone wallpapers, and Other Mobile wallpapers. If you have another phone that I haven't listed please let me know in the comments!


mk said...

ahhhhh... I followed the link to your new mobile website and now I see where you've been keeping yourself busy! I guess I didn't understand twi-mobile - I thought it was just a way to view twilight things on your phone but now its a blog and all! I thought you'd slowed down on twilight-cupcake but I see that you are just spreading your energy into two different sites.

Sorry, Mr. MK was hogging my computer last night so I couldn't order the convention tickets - I'll try today.