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Hello my lovelies - here is a long overdue Twilight related post from home. I realize it's as if I've fallen off the face of the earth the last few weeks. Getting off the plane from Hong Kong and then leaving less than a week later for Las Vegas - I can't complain. My blog will be neglected again this weekend but hopefully we'll have some saucy tales from Sin City to share with you on my return.

If you missed my original post about why I'm heading to Vegas it's here. We surprised my super good friend DQ with a girls weekend away for her 40th birthday and we let her in on the secret in an unusual way - from my blog! It's funny that she truly didn't realize what was going on until half way through my post - who else would we be taking backstage to meet Donny Osmond? Needless to say we are all super stoked.

What new Twilight developments this week?

First, of all, did you notice my new badge on the left? It's been there for a couple of weeks but I didn't have a chance while in Hong Kong to explain.

I'm proud of my Twi-Bite Trifecta award although I have something in store I haven't sent to Mrs. P that should line me up for a quad soon. That woman is going places - she's got us running around the world with her avi and her virtual airmiles are starting to rack up.

Okay, so you wanted more vampires from Stephenie Meyer?

As most of you know Stephenie Meyer is releasing a novella about Bree. Apparently it was meant for the Eclipse Movie Companion Guide but was too big.

Honestly, I wish I were more excited about it. I loved Twilight for Edward & Bella, not for the vampires and the supporting characters. Unless Bree had this secret crush on Edward that takes up 80% of the book I'm expecting to be disappointed. Is that bad?

I haven't commented yet on the new Eclipse poster that has been released a while back.

I am also not a fan of this poster. Specifically something is off about Rob's face. I don't know if it's the softly pleading sad look he has or just that I like real photos better than graphics. Also note that you can now order the Eclipse Book with this cover now here. The other Paperback Eclipse Media tie in is one with just Bella and it's available for pre-order here.

On a weirder note, the subject of wax figures. I had forgotten that Las Vegas had a wax museum. The idea creeps me out and I've never wanted to go inside one. When they announced that a wax figurine of Robert Pattinson was coming out I actually got a tiny bit excited. But then I realized it will be only in London and I won't be there until June. Do you think it looks like him? I feel like they made his eyes too small and his neck a bit too long. Not bad though. I guess if it was TOO good, the drool, hump, and steal risk factor would go up.

Lastly, I have been neglecting my fanfic recommendations. So here are some thing that kept me busy while in Hong Kong:

The Canvas by Twiholic at fanfiction.net
I have to confess to my lovely friend Jelena at Twiholic that I had put off reading her fanfic for a while. It wasn't just her fic but I had not started a new fanfic since the inception of this blog. But boy am I glad that I chose a time where I could read the whole thing through all in one go - back to back chapters of love and lust Bella and Edward. It is a beautiful story so please give it a read. I'm waiting for updates girl :)

Cinderella, A Tale of Lust by Honolulu Girl at her own blog or here for the mobile/iphone version
This smutty version of Cinderella is great. It's at a precipice right now so I'm anxious waiting for HG to update. It's a fairy tale for sure and I love HG's writing style. Of course I'm also fond of it because she has hosted it on her own blog and hence it has it's own Twi-Mobile site. Did I mention that reading fanfic on my iphone is one of the greatest things in life?

This story I've mentioned before but just so you know Call of Booty by Poptarrts and Stoney just updated last night. I get as excited about their updates as I do for Master of the Universe and University of Edward Masen so that's saying something. Those girls are so good at depicting the addict's point of view it makes you wonder where they get their insight from ;) Just kidding. They made me cry big tears and then smile again in the next paragraph. Please go check out their update and don't forget they have a Twi-Mobile version too.
And they have their first Podcast - check it out!

Lastly, Stan from Twi-sted Edbrella has helped spearhead Twific Promotions to help out fanfics that have less than 500 reviews. Considering that there are almost 140,000 fanfics listed under Twilight it's no wonder a new author really has their work cut out for them. If you know of any good stories that deserve more attention go check them out.

For those interested in my travel posts, there are some Hong Kong posts coming up that I will be finishing off when I get back.

For those interested in Twi-Mobile, I've got a few good additions to our network to check out and also some more info from mofuse. I've been twittering with the mofuse CEO and he's super nice so he's got some answers to my questions.

Well, I'm off to pack...


Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Whew, you are a traveling fool. Have fun in Vegas!! And if you are near the Mandarin, check out the bar made of ice. I drank so much Vodka in below freezing temperatures, I don't remember anything. Love it!!

Listen, you know I love you! So big kisses for reading my fanfic and recc'ing it. Cause let's face, there are so many out there, and I'm happy at the very least, that I'm on your list. *blows kisses*

Last.. Urgh, where to begin. First, I'm curious about the Eclipse Novella. I'll probably get it, but goddman it. It better be good!! I mean it better be damn good, or so help me god, she better never release a random POV, or I might punch her. Well not really, but that's how mad I'll be.

Second, the new book cover. Oh the fuckery. I feel like they ripped it right from the Vampire Diaries cover. It looks the same! Plus they have two? Poor kids, they're just trying to bleed them for all they have. I kinda hate them right now.

TongueTwied said...

TC--I really had to laugh at you saying about the novella unless 80%of it is about Bree having a crush on edward. I thought the same thing! Like could Bree be hot of Edward and would he read her mind and know it? That would be great!LOL Yes, that angle would interest me about the book!

Your posts are beautiful. I will have to devote some time catching up on your prv ones!

What about the guitar???????? I'm so curious, "I'm always curious." **giggle**

sparkle for twilight said...

Holy moly, I never realized there were THAT many FFs out there. I'm definitely going to read the new book but I'm not that thrilled about Bree either. Her character is already doomed since we know what happens to her. I wish it was on Alice if anything! Let's hope she somehow worked Edward into it! How does this woman know how to make a cover look so seductive?

BTW please visit the Bellagio buffet on my behalf. Then tell me all the desserts you eat.

17foreverlisa said...

Safe travels...again...you lucky, girl!! Sounds like a lot of fun.

Happy Easter everyone!


17foreverlisa said...

What a great friend! Sounds like a lot of fun. Be safe :)


Stan said...

Thanks for the mention TC! Fab post, can't stop to comment more as I'm trying to whizz through as much online stuff as I can before Mr Stan wakes up and forces me to carry on with the decorating again! It's really eating into my twi time!

Enjoy Vegas!!

Stoney said...

YAY! Thanks for the COB mention. You roxors my boxors. The love is much appreciated. Let's hear it for gameward!

Dangrdafne said...

I can't wait to see what you have for Mrs. P!!!

Have a great time in Vegas. Play a slot machine for me :) oh and win on it too!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey TC! I can't wait to see where Mini Me ended up...and to hand you a quadzilla.

Jelena @ Twiholic said...

Thank you for the shout out, TC. I've been MIA due to Easter. I'm only catching up now, and slowly, mostly because I have a cold, and because I spent the entire day reworking the chapter I got back from the Wease (my beta). So yeah, the story is updated.

I'm sure you're having fun on your trip. Can't wait to hear about it.