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I must thank Twired Jen for sending me this email on Tuesday afternoon while I was at work.

So KStew and Taylor were spotted leaving LAX at different times today to go to Vancouver to possibly re-shoot a couple scenes...YOU BETTER HUNT THEM DOWN GIRL!
xoxo J
Wow, that girl can be demanding! By the time I read her email and tweets I was already on my way home. If I had known they were coming today I would have considered cancelling my patients and camping out at the airport. But, I was okay to know that they were coming and that I might not see Kristen or Taylor.

I saw this first today on Twired Jen's blog

Then Twired Jen posted that they had indeed landed and we were speculating about why she looked so happy.

Also saw it today on Jen's blog.
Seriously never seen KStew this happy before.
How much liquor did she have on that flight?

Is it possible Kristen was so happy because a certain adorkable British guy would be coming to Vancouver too? I let Twired Jen know that if indeed Rob was in town that I would die.

Well, I am dead. According to the Pattinson Ladies on Facebook he has landed.

But I want proof. A picture of him at baggage claim or even a quick smoke outside his hotel. I don't want a swarm of people hounding him but maybe a small phone pic. Would that be too much to ask?

Rob looks happy enough to be safe in the car while swarmed
I am stuck in the quandary of wanting to know every single move he makes and wanting to let him live a normal life. The crazy fan girl keeps wanting to push past the rational level headed mom/doctor side of me.

Isn't that sick? Oh well, I guess a couple of days ago I was talking about buying a T shirt just because Rob might have sweat in it. This almost seems more normal.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring in the Twilight Vancouver world. So excited! Almost worth missing work to look for sets...


TongueTwied said...


I'll bet your friend "mk" would be up for a little Rob stakeout with you!

Musing Bella said...

OOOH! You have to hunt them down, I agree with Jen! How exciting!!! Keep us posted!

Trixie and Tess said...

OME!!! I've been waiting all morning for a glimpse of Rob! Hoping he's sweet adorable face is spotted soon. I hate the paparazzi, but I really want to see a new pic ASAP!!!


TongueTwied said...

Sooooooooooo I was thinking maybe since all three are together they will reshoot for a few days and then head over to Chicago for the pretaping of Oprah.

Dangrdafne said...

I see nothing wrong with checking out where they may be filming. It doesn't mean you have to hound him/them or anything. You just want to see him and what is wrong with that? If he were in my neighborhood I would go and see what I could - if only to report back to all of you ;)

Just make sure you have a guitar handy in case you do get close enough for an autograph - maybe he will even play it for you as he will be so overcome with the thoughtfulness of the idea of signing a guitar :)

mk said...

Hahaha tonguetwied.... I feel like you already know me! I was just about to say that I am home both thursday and friday this week... so I am up to some stalking.... ehem.... I mean random walks on meadow like vancouver locations ;)

It makes my heart happy to know they are once again in my city even if I don't ever have a chance of seeing them.

whadayasay tc???