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So you know how you get random Twilight moments through the day? I heard a song on the radio today and started crying - it was a song sung by French-Canadian singer Garou called "First Day of My Life" It's not the first time I've heard it but I hadn't listened to the words before.

I realized it - this is Edward's theme song. It has brooding hot suffering soul written all over it.

Bella has a lullaby so Edward needs a song too right?

You have to check out these lyrics. They are so fitting it's as if Garou is a secret Twilight fan himself. (Note, I realize now this was a Mel C song first which is more familiar. I like this Garou version much better for Edward though, don't you think?)

Lyrics to First Day of My Life - Sung by Garou
(I'm dubbing this Edward's Theme Song)

So I found a reason
To stay alive
To try a little harder
See the other side

Talking to myself
Too many sleepless nights
Trying to find a reason
To this stupid life

Don't want your sympathy
Sometimes I don't know how to be
Hey, what you're looking for
No one knows the answer
They just want more
Hey, who's gonna make it right
This could be the first day of my life

So I found a reason
To let it go
Tell you that I'm smiling
But I still need to grow

Will I find salvation
In the arms of love
Will it stop me searching
Will it be enough


The first time to really feel alive
The first time to break the chain
The first time to walk away from pain

Hey, what you're looking for
No one knows the answer
They just want more
Hey, who's gonna shine a light
This could be the first day of my life

(from www.lyricsmania.com)

So this is a call to my talented bloggy friends out there who happen to have some video skills. You know who you are. I am dying to watch a Twilight video set to this song but I am a total video techtard. I am asking you, pretty please?? Edward will surely thank you that he now has his own song. I think he's been jealous of Bella's Lullaby for a while.


Twired Jen said...

Blah, I'm at work so I can't listen. I'll definitely check it out when I get home. Enjoy your Saturday! Hope you're doing something fun with the fam.
xo J

Mrs. Vanquish said...

Gosh, I love that song. Actually I didn't know that version, I know a different one, but still this is LOVELY

Gahhh, I wish I had time to do that ;( Honestly I miss doing videos but since I started this blogdesign business I didn't do any videos anymore.

I truly wish I had the time doing this...

Lovely song ..

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

What a beautiful song. I’ll try and put something together. I’ve lost my video mojo talent, but I’m sure just various clips of Edward to his song will suffice?

17foreverlisa said...

Oh, TC, this is just beautiful. I love his voice and the lyrics really do fit our Edward. I literally got goosebumps. It could even be the song they dance to at their wedding if BD ever gets made!

I was listening to the song and following along with the lyrics. About half way through, I was thinking to myself that I would email Honolulu Girl and tell her she needs to do a video to this song. Then I saw your request at the end of the post. Even better was HG's comment saying she'd give it a try. More goosebumps!

@HG - I can't imagine your fantastic mojo has gone far. Can't wait!!!

twilightcupcake said...

@Jen - yes, finish work and then go check it out. We had opening day for T-ball in the rain.

@Mrs. Vanquish - nice to see you again. Don't worry if you don't have time. Yes, I added in my post that it is a Mel C song and maybe you know it from there or the clubbing version. I like this one for Edward.

@HG - Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I can't wait to see what you come up with - yes, even just a bunch of Rob images would be fine. These are times I wish I had a Mac to do videos. Sigh.

@Lisa - so glad we think alike and that HG is working on one ;) My son had opening day for T-ball today - long way from being a college pitcher!

17foreverlisa said...

@TC - I had goosebumps before. Now I have tears. Enjoy every single minute of it!! Travis has less than a month to go on his senior year of college baseball. I'm not ready for it to be over. It will fly by. What fun for you and your family!

Dangrdafne said...

Wow those lyrics are perfect. I will listen once hubby is done with his TV show. Can't wait to see the HG video - she is awesome!! Great find TC.

Twired Jen said...

Hey TC, so finally able to hear/watch it from home. The words definitely remind me of Edward...hands down.

As for the song....eh....I might need to listen to it more than once. Sowwwwy!

xo J

TongueTwied said...

How perfect that the album is called, "Piece of my Soul!"

This song could applies to everything for Edward from falling in love with Bella, returning to her, getting married, and Renesme!

So love it TC! Thanks for sharing!

HG-Your kung fu video skills are strong! It's going to be a great one!

Mama Cougar said...

That's an awesome song! I always felt like Eric Clapton's "Lonely Stranger" was Edward's Anthem, but I like yours better. ;-)


twilightcupcake said...

Thanks for the comments ladies.

@MC now I have to find that Eric Clapton song too.

Yes it does seem very fitting and @TT so true about the album title even.

If you play the piano they have a tutorial on YouTube about how to play this version of the song.