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Since I didn't win the Rob Pattinson autographed guitar I have been looking for something new (or old) of Rob's. You know it makes me feel sad that "everyone wants a piece of Rob" yet I am so guilty of this. I'd be the crazy fan who'd save the napkin that he used in a bar and then put it in the vault.

So, the next big auction at icollector.com has a few pieces of Remember Me memorabilia. I didn't care before but now that I have finally seen the movie I am stoked.

What's up for auction? Click here for the full list.

Things I'm considering

Fugly backpack

The dreaded backpack that made Rob look "like he was 8" according to Mrs. P.

Still fugly even on Rob

Next up

Seriously it's just a T shirt

worn here
I love how the tag says "Big Rob" - as if we needed any proof
Anyone want to know his clothing sizes?
Someone has already bid on this outfit:

I can't get myself to outbid the $400
as the fake blood just grosses me out.

More clothing (I'm not convinced he actually wore this specific shirt as another one sold a few weeks ago - same item and that one said screenworn)

looks plain enough
but what if he wore it here?

Tempting as it is to buy the screen used fire extinguisher Rob actually threw through the window, I think that Mr. TC would probaby throw it out of the house. Seriously. I mean the shipping alone would be crazy. Could you imagine if I kept it in the front hall or something?

So, the question at the end of this is - how much do you think Rob's sweat is actually worth? According to someone it's at least 400 bucks for that bloody outfit. I'm sure some of you are going "eeww, gross" while others are secretly thinking "hmm, I wonder what it's like to lick him."

Auction starts May 1st - what would you get?

On a separate note, I've got new Twilight wallpapers for you over at Twi-Mobile. I've just started an archive of Twilight wallpapers for iPhone and will be adding that plus a Twilight apps section.
Blackberry users don't despair. I sense that some Twilight wallpapers are coming your way as well but I need to know what models you have.
Anyone with another type of phone wanting Twilight wallpapers too? Let me know what kind of phone you have and we'll we what we can do.

Leave me some love!


TongueTwied said...

"I wonder what it would be like to lick him" LOL!

To me the baseball bat would be cool, but I think I would really love a signed copy of the mythology book if that were available.

It is funny how all that stuff ended up in TX.

Twired Jen said...

You make me laugh TC! The fake blood totally grosses me out as well.
xo J

17foreverlisa said...

Back off, TT! I want that bat!!!! I could totally get by displaying that it my home office. I already have baseball stuff in there. LOL!

@TC - I know the t-shirt is gross, but you would have one of his plaid shirts and those pants have hugged his package. How can you NOT bid on it?! Go for it and then wear the shirt to FFFOOORRRKKKSSS so we can have our picture taken with you in it. LMAO!

So are we assuming he kept the hoodie for himself?

Thanks again for the added feature on Twi-Mobile. I think our dear Amy will come through for the BlackBerry users. I love the custom one she did for mine.


Dangrdafne said...

Totally see Lisa with the bat and I know if I got it I would give it to her. I would rather the guitar he played in the movie (as I am sure you would too Twilightcupcake). I looked at these items but there is nothing I would want. I don't even like my hubby's sweaty clothes, I don't need someone elses in my house ;)