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So despite all the pleadings of my bloggy friends I didn't drop all my patients for the day and hang out at Vancouver Airport. Once again, here is Rob leaving Heathrow. I am personally okay with the jacket because I forgive everyone for their clothing choices when they visit the Pacific Northwest. It can be freakin' miserable cold and rainy one moment and then a beautiful sunny day the next.

Everyone seems to hate on the puffy jacket.
(from Popsugar)

There was talk of re-shooting some meadow scenes that might have some sound interference but apparently those were just with Bella and Jacob. I am glad that today was sunny for them but wonder if they were expecting it. Unlikely since Eclipse looks exceptionally dark and twisty. Maybe they'll have to stay longer to wait for the rainy gloom.

Update - thanks to Twired Jen for reminding me to check my regular Vancouver celebrity sighting blogs that are posting more pics and info. Of course they post after the location is done with as to not raise all hell.
The locals in town who have the scoop:
Malicious Mandy

Happy to finally see some photos that he has arrived in town. The ones on Popsugar are non descript at best but at least we can identify that there is a Vancouver Police officer with him.

from Popsugar

Once again, torn between wanting to know where he is so I can throw him in the back of my SUV ask him politely to sign my guitar (as suggested by Dangrdafne) and just leaving him alone so he can be in peace.

Yeah for MK offering to come with me this week to check out the Vancouver sights (eg. set stalk). I have the day off on Thursday sweetie so let's make it a date. Darn the kids and all their sports though, maybe I can take them with me instead...

Speaking of kids, my good friend BB gave my children a book yesterday. Apparently she was at a fundraiser for kids where they were selling gently used toys and books. Of all the things she could have bought them you know what she surprised them with?

Anyone recognize this book?

Yes, it's actually been on this blog already on my Remember Me props for sale post.

Get the f*ck out - same book!
Seriously. BB is not a twihard and I doubt she has ever heard of Remember Me. Yet of all the books in the world she could have bought for me (well for the kids originally) she chose that one.

I even remember during Remember Me when Tyler gives Caroline the book I think - what an awesome book, my boys would love it. Oh isn't that sweet that he's passed on something so meaningful.

Squeals with hugs and kisses to BB (yes, honey I made you read my blog and scroll all the way through a post - have you thrown up yet?) for being an intuitive sweetheart.

I hate to say it though - the book mysteriously disappeared off my sons shelf and magically ended up in my Twilight vault :)

Hoping for more Rob Vancouver sightings tomorrow...


Twired Jen said...

Yay for Rob arriving safely. Sooooooo jealous of you being withing squeeeeing distance. xoxo

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! The book coincidence is FREAKY!! AND WONDERFUL! I love random surprises like that...awesome!!