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It's been over a month since my last Twilight post. Appalling actually considering I used to post on an almost daily basis. But going away to Europe and escaping from most my blog surfing/tweeting routine was a good thing - I think. Let's see - reconnected with husband, got to scout Twilight sites in real life like Volterra and Montepulciano, caught up on some awesome fanfic (see Swirl & Daisy and How to Save a Life), ate some kick ass food - okay, yes officially worth having the Twilight section of my blog collect a little dust.

But now I officially cannot contain myself from doing a Twilight post. There have just been too many things to talk about in recent days. More travel posts will have to wait.

*blowing dust off*


First of all, the triple header was totally the way to go. I had never seen Twilight on the big screen before - forgive me for being a relative Twilight newbie. It was awesome to laugh at all the cheesy moments that I'd previously cringed at.
New Moon was even better now that I'd actually been to Montepulciano. I'll have to wait until that travel post to talk about tracing the path that Alice takes, etc. Let's just say I will keep re-watching the Italy parts and feel warm and fuzzy forever.

My Eclipse thoughts? I'm not giving you a full review. Lord knows there are enough out there.
Yes I liked it.
I was f*cking pissed off for my good friend AG whose daughter was supposed to be in the movie. We will have to watch for her sweetie in the outtakes. I keep reminding myself about Rob's Vanity Fair scene being cut and that he didn't know it until he was watching it in the theatre for the first time. At least AG got to meet KStew and her daughter will always have that memory of working with them and holding KStew's hand.
I only cringed at their hair three times in total, although once Edward's sideburns did make me visibly shudder.
Carlisle's hairline was too low.
Alice's eye makeup was beautiful.
Edward's hair was a bit too flat for me. I'm not wanting Twilight bouffant but just not smushed.
Riley was fuckhawt as a vampire and I never thought I'd think that so it took me by surprise. His regular everyday headshots don't look like anything special.
Bryce, Nikki, and Jackson all did a good job.
Seeing the Third Wife scene was good because I just kept skimming the Quileute legends part so having to sit through it was important.
The stunts and fight scenes were up to snuff.
Dakota's acting was very flat. I know that's how she is supposed to be - detached and dead inside but it was too bleh.

I loved the proposal scene and yes the leg hitch was too short but I didn't care. There is enough fanfic fueled lemony goodness in my head that I don't need that from them. Honestly my mental Master of the Universe lemons will eclipse anything they do clothed on the big screen.
They cut my favourite scene from the whole series - after he gives her the ring and then really admits that he loves seeing it on her hand and she is knocked breathless by how happy he is. For some reason when he whispers "You have no idea" in her ear I get goosebumps and my knees go weak. Someone about him being that happy about having her as his wife and for Edward to breathe huskily in her ear is just, uh, beyond hot.
The last scene was anticlimactic for me. It was cute and everything with the meadow but just felt a bit blah.


I've been playing piano more these days - why?

My favourite song - My Love by Sia
I adore this YouTube fanmade video. You just have to watch it for your favourite Edward and Bella moments from all three films.

The sheet music can be bought from musicnotes.com for $5.95 USD. Totally worth it since the official book hasn't been even listed yet on the Hal Leonard website.

Now you know I'm totally Team Edward. But I couldn't pass up the chance to also play the piano tune Jacob's Theme - here's the YouTube video

Seriously feeling guilty every time I play it but who can turn down free Twilight sheet music?

Free Jacob's Theme piano sheet music found here

It's very simple - just like Jacob? Easy to play and you get bored very easily.

So now we've got Bella's Lullaby and Jacob's Theme - still waiting for Edward's piano theme song - it better be good people. I still think the words to "First Day of My Life" totally fit his whole tragic self-abhorrent hero theme but I need a good piano ballad to play.

Twihards Raise Over $125,000 - Using Smut to Fight Cancer

For all that participated in the Fandom Gives Back - way to go ladies - over $125,000 USD was raised to fight childhood cancer through Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

For those of you who don't know Fandom Gives Back is a Twilight based charity drive and this was its second year. The basic premise was to auction off outtakes or special chapters from our favourite fanfics and then give the proceeds to charity. The auction has blossomed into autographed items (squeals that I won something - you'll have to wait for a future post when the mail comes) and massive teams being organized. Some of my favourite authors, such as Master of the Universe's Snowqueens Icedragon and Clipped Wings & Inked Armour's hunterhunting, had one big team organized by die hard fans so that as long as you contributed some amount to the charity effort you would be sent the special chapter/outtake.

I can't wait to submit these tax receipts to my accountant and have him raise his eyebrows at me. I'm glad none of them actually say "smutty twilight BDSM fanfic" on them but I'll be blushing anyways.

Lastly, thanks to Fanficzombie for inspiring my latest Twi-Mobile post. Finally, a way to read Twilighted.net fanfic on my iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (Christ do I really have that much Apple stuff? No wonder my husband says that Apple is a slow invading evil.) Anyways, go off and check it out. I try to stay away from Twilighted.net stories just because the site is difficult to navigate and I find the format hard to read. Thank God there is now a solution - the Holy Grail! Go check it out now.

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Dangrdafne said...

As much as I love your travel posts, I was missing your Twilight takes. So this is a nice diversion :) lol

I love Jacob's theme, I think it is beautiful. Can't wait to print it out and play it the next time I am at my Mom's - thanks for the linky.

17foreverlisa said...

Love the post, but then I love all of your posts ;)

You know how much I wish I hadn't given my piano away and this is another reminder of how much. I had no idea at the time that the Twilight Saga would come into my life and I would want to play these beautiful piano pieces, even simple Jacob's (LOL!). And, yes, they'd better not let us down on a theme for Edward.

Like Dangrdafne, New Moon has to hold a special place in your heart now that you've toured the film sites. I look forward to your post about that leg of your trip.

As you may remember, that's how Dangrdafne and I first "met." She had quietly posted a comment on a Twitarded post about going there. Being the shy person that I am (wink, wink), I asked if she would share some pictures from her trip. Who knew that from that I would find a true friend.

Nice shout out for the FGB auction, TC. Can't wait to hear what you won besides the outtakes.

As you know, I read MotU ridiculously slow because I didn't want it to end. The outtake is going the same way for me. I started reading it last night and then stopped so I could drag it out a little longer. I don't want to say goodbye to Fifty and his Bella all over again. Silly, I know.


twilightcupcake said...

DD - yes I thought of you when I posted the Jacob music. I couldn't find a Jacob fanfic youtube video to go with it though ;)

Lisa - maybe you guys will have to invest in a piano that you can pass down to your kids later (hint hint). I'm sure it's driving my husb nuts though that I'm singing and playing music all day that is Twi. So you see you can use Twilighted.net on your ipod touch easier now? Sweet huh?

sparkle for twilight said...

TC welcome back! :)

I am actually disappointed they left out that bit where Edward loves the way her ring looks on her as well. I just got the soundtrack today and Sia's song basically just replays the proposal in my head. I actually heard it before I saw the placement in Eclipse, and when I heard where they put it in the movie the first time I saw it, I thought it kind of overpowered the scene. Listening to it again (and seeing it again) I actually liked it better.

By the way, re: Edward's side burns...what is with that exactly? Twilight was just on and I commented to my mom about why/how Edward looks so different in the first vs the second and third, and I can't pin it down. I said maybe it was the sideburns? My mom just thought it was because everyone looks younger. But I don't think its "younger," it's just a different look... Catherine had it down better lol

HG from Trueblood Twilight said...

I’m listening to the Sia video right now while I read and type my comment. Soooo beautiful. *Sighs*

I am so in awe of FGB. I can’t believe us crazies helped raise $125K. Btw, I can’t wait for my UoEM update!!!

I’ve yet to finish MoTU. I KNOW!! I’m slow.

twilightcupcake said...

Sparkle - yes the whole time I'm playing and singing that song I think of the proposal. Sigh....
- the sideburns is weird. I don't like sideburns in general but I do like Rob. I like Rob as end of Twilight Edward or beginning of NM Edward. In Eclipse his eyes were off and his hair too. Just was a bit weird and I much preferred him natural in Remember Me.

HG - I am so happy UoEM updated. You should be like Lisa and read your MotU slowly to stretch it out. I am totally impatient and blow through everything at once without stopping to eat, breathe, or sleep. Not very healthy but good for persevering through school and work :)

Anonymous said...

So much goodness in this post.
I agree completely with your review...the smooshy hair, the bleh Dakota, the proposal scene being cut...all so true. I am soooo tickled you posted Jacob's song, because my daughter is team jacob and she would LOVE to play it! I can't wait to show her!
Welcome bcak TC!

TongueTwied said...

I don't see the need for a Jacob theme song. I think "Who Let the Dogs out" would have covered it.

Enjoyed the TC POV! Laughed at how there is so much good fanfict that it will cover what lacks in the movies. I never thought of it that way but now agree.