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I was surfing YouTube today for a piano tutorial for Turning Page by Sleeping at Last (by the way, didn't find one). Found this very nice cover though but I doubt he will provide sheets. Pity.

I came across the official Breaking Dawn Behind the Scenes footage. There is a good 10 minutes here. Maybe you've all seen it but I hadn't yet so I was super excited. A nice way to get my movie fix until I see it for the third time.

It's a gentle reminder too that IT'S NOT REAL!! Yes this is silly since of course I know it's fiction but it bears repeating. Sometimes my brain becomes so ensconced in fanfic and Edward that it's a good jolt back to reality.



Twired Jen said...

I'm speechless. Wow! Jenny, I hadn't seen any of this. Sure I saw set pics here and there as well as secret vid of Isle Esme, but these videos are amazing! They truly share a glimpse of what goes into movie making in general. You could see scenes/phrases/movements that did not make it into the final cut, but watching these it becomes clear that it's really a need in the haystack situation, searching for the perfect take...

Thanks for sharing!

xo J

Twired Jen said...

OMG so many typos, sorry getting used to the Mac. "Needle in a haystack" situation.

TongueTwied said...

I had been avoiding bts stuff until after I saw the movie, so perfect timing!

I spy a scene in there that I am really looking forward to seeing on the DVD!

Honolulu Girl-Suz said...

I've never seen these and probably wouldn't before a film. But after seeing Breaking Dawn finally, these are like frosting on the cake. Just absolutely awesome. Thanks for finding these!!

mmMoxie said...

What happened to the scene where Edward gives Jacob a big old shove across the room? I saw the scene in one of the trailers and it's on the second behind the scenes video you posted. I don't remember seeing it in the movie. Am I crazy?

mmMoxie said...

I have to post twice so follow up comments will be emailed to me.

twilightcupcake said...

Sorry about that mmMoxie weird blogger thing. That must be a deleted scene. Can't wait for the DVD to see what else they cut.

Twi-Lin said...


Thanks for posting the videos. I hadn't seen them either!

I can't wait for sheet music for Turning Page! :)