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Don't you love it when life gives you little surprises?

I just met Stephenie Meyer today. Our national bookstore chain Chapters/Indigo hosted an event for The Host and it wasn't publicized until 2 days ago!!!

Thanks to my sister who convinced me that this was worth moving half a days worth of patients on a last minute basis. They were all very freaked out when I called them mysteriously from my cell phone on Saturday afternoon at their homes but relieved it was just to change appointment times.

The event was supposed to run from 5:30-9pm and I was surprised at 2pm that there were only 40 people in line. I guess it was a Monday and school wasn't out yet.

What to do in line at a book signing? Get to know the lovely girls around you (since you need a buddy to save your space while you hit the loo) and watch Twilight on the good old iPad.

The Chapters VP came by and took some footage of us for a fan video for Stephenie and also there was a guest book circulated to pass time. There were some door prizes and contests as well for Chapters gift cards.

For those of you who haven't been to a book signing before (like myself prior to this event), the staff walked us through every step of getting your books ready so you really can't screw up. They even write a sticky note with your name on it so you don't have to worry about blanking out in front of the author. I chose to leave my dust jackets at home for fear of wrinkling them and also to bring my hardcover Twilight from our trip to Volterra because it's actually the only hardcover copy of Twilight I have.

Stephenie came on right at 5:30pm. The first girl in line had been there since 9:45 the day before (not clear if it was am or pm but still!!). Luckily the first 50 people in line (including me!) got to take a posed shot with her and not just a candid.

When I told her I was a doctor and actually cancelled half my patients today on a last minute basis just to meet her she was shocked and laughed. Her response when I told her how worried I was that they might spot me on TV tonight was "just tell them that you were on an errand here and that there was some medical emergency in this store." She was very sweet.

Today felt extra special because ever since I had read New Moon I had wanted to write Stephenie Meyer a thank you letter. If any of you have read the one of my early posts "The Shameful Truth" you know New Moon meant a lot to me. The revelation that Bella has about her being worthy of Edward's love changed my life and perspectives about myself and my relationship. I never got the chance to write that letter to Stephenie because I thought it would get lost in the millions that she had.

Well today I got the chance to actually hand her a thank you card in person and express my gratitude face to face.

Driving home I kept thinking that I couldn't believe that this happened so quickly but then I remembered something Oprah had said. I had seen Oprah on stage last month in Vancouver (a Christmas present from my husband).

Oprah was right when she said, "There is no such thing as luck. There's only preparation meeting the moment of opportunity. When that opportunity comes you must be ready to meet it with an open hand and not a closed fist."

So happy...


17foreverlisa said...

Hey, stranger! This is awesome, and I'm so happy for you. I'm sure she loved your thank-you note too.

Hope all is well with you and your family.



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